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We provide employers an easy solution to achieve health goals & savings through prevention. The importance of an annual preventive check-up with a doctor is essential to succeeding in the fight against chronic diseases that plague the American workforce.
Below is a brief informational video highlighting the PathFinder approach.

Our Solution.

PathFinder believes in the importance of a personal face-to-face consultation with a doctor for engaging behavior and lifestyle changes necessary to achieve personal prevention. The annual check-up is indispensable for curbing chronic diseases which are a primary cause of outrageous health care costs.

Goal of Screening.

The fundamental purpose of screenings are to create the impetus for employees to see a doctor for prevention. Unfortunately, flagging biometric results, doesn't engage behavior and lifestyle changes.

Covered Benefit.

The annual preventive check-up with a doctor is already a fully covered benefit in insurance plans. This results in providing an essential preventive visit with a doctor without needing to change the budget.

Brought On-Site.

80% of adults don't get their annual preventive check-up. The bottom-line is people spend most of their week at work, so to increase participation in effective prevention it should be offered easily on-site.

Doctor-Led Advocacy.

The doctor is viewed as the authority in the health care system. Doctors carry the strongest influence over health behaviors and lifestyle changes. Personalized prevention is vital to improving overall health.


The annual preventive check-up with the doctor is the essential piece to prevention. The doctor is able to facilitate with high engagement: current benefits, wellness centers, programs and appropriate care.


The doctor is the difference for getting the best possible engagement, improvement and results. Every site we have ever brought our prevention to has experienced improvement in every at-risk category.

Who Are We.

PathFinder Health believes in the importance of a personal, face-to-face consultation with a doctor for engaging behavior and lifestyle changes necessary to achieve personal prevention. The annual preventive check-up is indispensable for curbing chronic diseases, which are a primary cause of outrageous health care costs.

Our Difference.

We have a fundamentally different approach than typical corporate wellness. Screenings have been implemented for 15 years and still struggle to improve employee health and lowering costs. This is fundamentally due to the fact that the goal of screens are to sit down with a doctor discuss your results and what you should do.

Our Process.

Our process is the vital piece of prevention that is desperately missing. 80% of employees still don't get an annual check-up, so we offer the easiest solution to engage a large percentage of the employee population who aren't connecting with a doctor for prevention, a quality opportunity to do so. This care fits current budgets, strategies and initiatives.

Our Mission.

We exist to effectively and efficiently curb chronic disease which is devastating our health care system and population. By simply increasing the number of people who sit down with a Medical Doctor for their preventive visit. Engagement and results come naturally as doctors carry the strongest influence over health behaviors for lifestyle changes.

Our Results.

Every client we've brought our preventive solution to, both nationally and locally, their has been drastic improvement. This is because of the authority, influence and position of the doctor to most efficiently and effectively integrate programs, plans, care, and education. This is the most cost efficient way to improve health in every category.

Our Latest Resources.

Here are some additional resources around the problem of chronic disease, our solutions and results. Click on the title to view the full .pdf file.


An Overview

The continued escalation of health care costs, driven by chronic disease, has increased attention on the value of preventive health. 75% of all healthcare costs are associated with chronic disease. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention estimates that 80% of heart attacks, strokes & type-2 diabetes could be prevented in some form by simple lifestyle changes.


The Check-Ups Solution

A check-up is the intended goal of screenings; to review and discuss personal health results in a private face-to-face consultation with a Medical Doctor. This is a vital initiation into personal prevention as the doctor is the recognized authority in healthcare. Our program utilizes this valuable check-up opportunity to it's fullest potential of efficiency and effectiveness.


Branding & Promoting Check-Ups

PathFinder Health provides our solution via our Check-Ups "brand" which enables quality promotion, integration and identity for your firm. Check-Ups Program includes such resources as: participation campaign materials, customizable integration into current incentives and wellness programs as well as local health systems, smartphone app and various other tailored opportunities.


Care Integration

Corporate wellness efforts such as health screens, risk assessments and health fairs have had some success in identifying health risks but have fallen short in their ability to engage at-risk participants into necessary actions. The inherent goal of corporate wellness efforts has been to identify employees at-risk and convince them to go see a physician.


Our Results

PathFinder Health provides a new approach by connecting employees with their data and a doctor for a meaningful and personalized on-site engagement, which represents the gateway to appropriate and cost effective care. This is our difference which is pivotal in getting actual results from employees being engaged in prevention.


Chronic Disease Factsheet

75% of all healthcare costs are associated with chronic disease, the majority of which are preventable. Unfortunately less than 20% of American adults actually follow-up their biometric screening with going to get their annual check-up. The national data continues to apply across the board for employers and employees as a barometer of health.

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