Virtual Doctor Visits Improve Employee Wellness

Simple. Safe. Proven.

Employee doctor checkups will:

  • Enhance, not replace, current programs
  • Increase wellness & engagement
  • Reduce expenses & maximize investment

Talking to a doctor is powerful way to connect employees to the emotional, physical, and financial wellness support they need. Our virtual checkups offer essential prevention, whereas current telehealth is focused on acute care.


This is Prevention Reimagined:

Watch & see just how easy it is to offer CheckUps to your employees.

It’s simple to turn on with just a few emails to your employee team, and they run with it, virtually. You’ll save the money spent on traditional screenings since the checkup is a covered benefit.

It’s safe & easy to schedule your doctor appointment.

We make it simple. You make it healthy.

Patients and doctors are ready
for the virtual health revolution.

50%of employees don’t have a physician!
70%of employees skip their annual wellness exam.
100%of major insurance carriers agree: Doctor checkups are the most important step in prevention.

So, what ARE companies saying about CheckUps?

Want to learn more about our proven results?

Start with a simple pilot program.

We bring doctors to where they will make a real impact. We have the experience to deliver checkups to your employees, wherever they are. Plus, we make it easy to run a pilot, get the data, and make a difference.

We’ll do all the work. Your employees get all the benefits.

Safe. Easy. Proven.

The vital importance of an annual, preventive care appointment cannot be overstated. 70% of employees still don't get an annual checkup, so we offer the easiest solution to engage a large percentage of your employee population.

Wherever they are!


Put the doctor
in charge.

Doctors hold the strongest influence over health behaviors and lifestyle changes. They’re the leading authority in healthcare, with a superior breadth of knowledge and experience over any other provider.

It’s already

The real challenge with preventive care is access. We help you give employees a fully covered benefit that makes the whole company healthier.

Get integrated engagement.

Working with our doctors also drives integration with wellness programming and increases engagement with your current benefits.

We all know prevention saves on long-term health costs. It also improves productivity and employee engagement. Up to 70% of adults skip their annual appointment. This single act alone encourages real change throughout your organization.

The CheckUps Difference:

CheckUps is, quite simply, the most cost-efficient way to improve health in every category. Our distinctive and simple approach connects employees with their data and a doctor for a meaningful engagement. Let us show you how to get started right now!


We would love to talk to you more about what we do and how we can partner to make a healthy difference for your company and your employees. Just give us a call or fill-out the contact form below.

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